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Support Hope and Recovery/Resource Online Network (SHaRON)

Delivering outstanding peer to peer support digitally, for more than 12 years. 

It is supported by NHS clinical professionals, volunteers, patients and ex patients, designed especially for people who have mental health conditions, and increasingly in use supporting Physical health. It connects individuals to each other and their care providers. It takes the form of an online therapeutic networking platform. SHaRON stemmed from a sense of frustration at the idea of ‘office hours’, when health issues can strike at any time day or night, when our services are typically closed, yet still needed.

We understood that, once someone was deemed well enough to leave treatment, there was no permanent place for them to go for support, often leading them to crisis or relapse. We wanted to provide a safe, secure and comfortable environment for patients, relatives and carers alike to talk and support each other.

To address this, an always available, 24/7 solution was required, and SHaRON was born. It was designed by patients and clinicians at Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. 

The opportunity to connect with people at the end of their recovery journey instils hope. SHaRON transforms out of hours support by decreasing isolation and providing a safe platform for patients to look to in times of need.

SHaRON is an innovation of Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. An outstanding Trust and Global Digital Exemplar. 

SHaRON is now in use across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire and Mersey Care Trusts supporting over 5,500 patients, integrated within:

  • Eating disorders services
  • Perinatal services
  • Relatives & Carers of those with Learning Disabilities
  • Talking therapies (IAPT) services
  • Relatives & Carers of children & young people in CAMHS neurodiversity services
  • Community Mental Health Services
  • Relatives & Carers of Children and Young People in CAMHS Anxiety & Depression service

SHaRON has helped me recover faster because of all the support at my fingertips, as well as a place where I don't feel judged.


Online peer support 24 hours a day.

We asked people using the SHaRON platform, what support was available to them 'outside of normal working hours' and before they had access to SHaRON. This is what they told us.